Porsche FORMCAR MK 2.5 Body Moulds

If any traders wish to advertise parts for sale they are most welcome. See announcement first!
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Porsche FORMCAR MK 2.5 Body Moulds


In 1964 Porsche bought 12 Formula Vees from the USA, 6 were Formcars of which one was a MK II and the other 5 were MK II and a half as differed from the MK II and the MK III that followed. They are therefore unique to Porsche. These cars combined with 6 Beechs were used by Porsche to kick start Formula Vee in Europe which started in January 1966. I have a set of body moulds including the screen mould to make the complete bodywork of this car.

£1000.00 or swap for interesting 69-73 Porsche parts.

Call Mark on 07774 911959.
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