Non-Porsche for sale of the day

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Re: Non-Porsche for sale of the day

Post by MikeB »

Sorry, I got the prices from a dealer friend who was registered on the day and assumed they were Hammer prices


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Re: Non-Porsche for sale of the day

Post by Sam »

I know nothing of these really, but this might be good value if it’s in the lower part of the range I think? Andy? ... elite-ebs/
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Re: Non-Porsche for sale of the day

Post by Lightweight_911 »


Fairly meaningless (IMO) reserve.

I don't know that particular car but it looks like a reasonable example that needs a bit of TLC & usage but I would be surprised if it sells within that price range ...


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Re: Non-Porsche for sale of the day

Post by hmg66 »

587F1EE2-853F-4CD6-8A85-4FEF6010D678.jpeg ... tern-coupe

Unusual but unique VW/Porsche rarity..but can’t but feel it would drive like a dog?

May be best to get into a roadworthy state but keep all the history/patina?

Interesting peice of history though and guaranteed to get all the attention at ( delete as necessary) shows/events / Sunday morning drive to get a pint of milk and a paper.
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