FS: my hot-roody-resto-moddy ex-T

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FS: my hot-roody-resto-moddy ex-T

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Here it as as we have all seen

To test the water a little, but it's actually for sale.

A LHD US import T that Lee Mayor brought in as a rolling chassis and restored (although ISTR there wasn't a lot of metalwork to do). Painted slate grey (from the original red). Put a 901 box in along with a 2.0 E engine on carbs (that was previously on MFI). Very nice plain interior, flat doorcards with pull straps to open doors, new seats BF Torino I think, need to confirm. I've had it for 4.5 years and have spent quite a lot of that time upgrading it.

Firstly it went back for snagging and general upgrading. Ended up with a Bainbridge gearbox refresh, new front shocks, the addition of a rear arb and stiffer rear arbs (will need to dig out the specifics). When I got it, it was super light to steer, delightful in fact, but with a lot of body roll. Over the years I wanted to reduce the roll, make it a tiny bit stiffer and not lose that delightful lightness. I think I have succeeded.

That snagging took way over a year for the normal Porsche reasons. Everything takes an age.

I got to drive the car some and it was lovely, but the motor which was a bit smoky got worse and when I did its only track time - an hour in the evening at Brands, it made like James Bond's AM sending out a smoke screen. Time to do something about the motor.

I was incredibly lucky and bought a 2.4S spec complete MFI motor on here that was in a running car and had been looked after by Nick Fulljames who pronounced it sound. He also did a rolling road session with it before it came out of the car it was in - got to 190bhp on the rollers. Not short of power. Sadly the transplant project got completely bashed off course due to Covid (and the normal everything takes ages effect) and it was off the road for 2 years, but back summer last year. It also acquired an adjustable front ARB at the same time which successfully completed my handling aspirations. It is sublime. Flat but delightfully light. The adjustable front arb does change the balance from under-steery to oversteery if required!

There's pretty much nothing on my todo list. I've just fixed the handbrake not working on one side and still have three corners to bleed to complete the brake fluid change! I won't say it wants for nothing as that's daft in an old 911. The clock doesn't work and the handbrake warning light switch has defied efforts so far to make the handbrake warning light work (I suspect it needs a new switch, so that should be on my todo list!).

I am unsure of the market for it today, it's as described in the title. Slightly unusual as a 69 car with a 901 box and a later MFI motor, but it goes like a scalded cat! Not sure how to say it, but it's a proper car in proper condition with as far as I can see bodge-free. I hate bodges! I've eliminated a very small number of things from the original build that didn't quite get to my standards.

Seeking interest in the region of £90k. Let me know and I can get loads more info and send pics.