Handbrake fix

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Handbrake fix

Post by Ignatzcatz »

Just finished nasty little job on my 3.2. The handbrake broke on the way back from Boxengasse. The way it went didn't feel like a cable had gone and sure enough it was the pin through the clevis that had disappeared up my tunnel, ooer. But what a pig to fix, the heater consol had to be released and pulled back, then I located a shouldered M6 bolt which I cut down and re-tapped, I was unable to locate what remained of the old pin. I had to super glue the bolt to an extended allen key then a two fingered job to get it through the clevis and handbrake arm. I got a stainless 10 mil captive nut very carefully onto the bolt and after that it was plain sailing. I would have liked to have found the old part just to see how it was originally located, more than likely a crummy little C clip. Anyroad the old girl got an oil and filter change this week, Porsche classic 10-60 so we're ready to rock that is until I get the Red Line tranmission oil I have ordered to replace the Swepco currently in the 915 box which nobody seems to have a good word for. I doubt I shall notice one iota of difference but hey ho I'm giving it a try.
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Re: Handbrake fix

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Is this a common problem on 911's?
I just had the same thing happen a couple of days ago. The c-clip had been forced off the pin holding the cable to the hand brake lever and both the pin and c-clip were sitting under the cable. Quite a faf to get the handbrake mechanism, lever and fixing plate out but a nightmare to get it all back.
Fortunately, mine went just as I was parking on the drive to go out so managed to reverse back into the garage. Was lucky in that it failed with the brake off. With the brake on I guess it would have been a real problem.
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