Headlight Assembly RHD Bosch Lens - New

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Headlight Assembly RHD Bosch Lens - New

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European Hella headlight assemblies with new old stock Bosch asymmetrical clear lens for right hand drive RHD, left hand traffic markets including UK, Australia, Japan and Indonesia. These headlight assemblies are perfect for Porsche 356 models from 1950 to 1965, early VW and replica vehicles.




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Price: £194.25 each.

* Prices exclude VAT, if applicable. Additional charges may apply for shipping and insurance.
* Shipping to destinations outside UK: charges & taxes will be applied during import process.
* Trade and quantity discounts apply, contact us to discuss.

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Suppliers of replica parts for owners and restorers of classic Porsche & Volkswagen vehicles.
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Re: Headlight Assembly RHD Bosch Lens - New


My understanding is that asymmetric lights are directional and a European lhd light will have reflectors inside that point the light away from the traffic. If they are originally LHD they will not work by putting a RHD lens on the front as it won't correct the direction of light. Are these original RHD asymmetric lights because if they are they should may have the 356 lens or have H1 lenses and chrome rings with four adjusters if they are for 68 cars.

If they are just H4 headlights I agree they can be retro fitted with a RHD lens as they are h4 lights are not asymmetric,
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