Which Hill/Sprint Championship?

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Which Hill/Sprint Championship?

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I saw this advertised and thought about entering it but it only has 4 events listed so far. After chatting with Graham it appears that he does another one and I hadn't realised that you still need to enter individual events. I'm not bother about competing for a cup but would like to try some new courses. It would be fun to have another go a Loton and Shelsey in anger. Also it would be interesting to meant some friends and races. Is there a list of events somewhere?

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Re: Which Hill/Sprint Championship?

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There are dozens of different championships available, depending where you live, how far you want to travel, what range of events you want to compete in, and how much you want to spend.
First of all join a Motorsport UK club who promote or run hillclimbs and sprints.
PCGB run a very successful and well-supported Speed Championship, although it is biased towards more modern and powerful cars than your 914 or 356.
The Midland Speed Championship you have already found, there is also the Midland Hillclimb Championship, that Graham competes in, the MAC Sunrise Championship...... etc
Most will already have their calendar of events published, even though, as you have seen with the MSC, the clubs involved may not yet have published their regs.

To start off with, join a club, go to a few meetings and speak to the competitors, and get a feel for what you would like to do.

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